Kids Room


Panel 1 (KIDS) @ 1:30 pm
Panel 2 (ADULTS) @ 3:30 pm

We are the Long Island, New York chapter of Saber Guild. Saber Guild is a not-for-profit, LucasFilm-recognized Star Wars costuming group that specializes in choreographed lightsaber shows. We perform at charity and community events, as well as comic book and sci-fi conventions, all to raise money for charity and share our love of Star Wars with fans around the world. Saber Guild started in 2006 with half a dozen people in California, members of established costuming organizations and unofficial lightsaber choreography groups coming together to have fun, serve the community and represent the Star Wars brand in a way that had never been done before. Now, nine years later, Saber Guild has over 250 members in 15 temples and five countries. We are not only Lucasfilm’s preferred lightsaber performance group, but we are the largest recognized lightsaber club in the world. Endor Temple performs in Nassau and Suffolk counties. We perform scripted, chorographed shows, as well as our Padawan Training Institute, where we teach aspiring Jedi the ways of the force and the use of a lightsaber. Any and all proceeds for our appearances go to charity. None of our members are compensated for their appearances.

Panel Room



PhotoGrid_147074499111812pm – Cosplay and Consent

Many people get excited to see their favorite characters come to life! People cosplaying is one of the exciting parts of going to geek conventions. Sometime people forget in the end that the cosplayer is a person under that costume. Some people new and old to the community seem to not understand that just because someone is dressed as a certain character that concent is not needed. Cosplayers work hard on there costumes and want there photos taken but this panel will show you how to approach them. We will also share stores and we would also like to hear yours!

With Delta Major, Neeko Cosplay Photography, and T Money Cosplay



2pm – The Senpai Project presents “Senpai and Friends”!

We will be discussing major events for this year and the next.The Senpai Project increases community meet ups and focuses on the Otaku audience. We also try to appeal to a variety of individuals. For example, some events may be for all ages, and some strictly 21+. Some may also be free, or have admission fees. We’ve had successful collaborations with companies in the past that have aided our success, and we are looking forward to collaborations in our projects to come.The Senpai Project aims to pioneer a positive culture dedicated to expanding the knowledge of the anime world through social interaction, intervention and exploration.The Senpai Project family would like to extend warm welcomes to anyone and everyone who can provide us with feedback, insight, and suggestions to help make Senpai Project great.

fandoms_facepalms_icon4pm – Uncle Yo Comedy

Uncle Yo delivers lightning-paced rantcore on your favorite video games, anime and comic book characters. You’ll need to stay sharp, because we’re desperately updating Disney Princess Resumes, re imaging a Pride-Day friendly Dragon Ball Z, and hopefully strangling someone with a Wii-mote. Unless he gets distracted by talking about his cats. Then he’ll probably end up ranting about his cats. You know, they did the dumbest thing this morning…




Screening Room

DAFT Final Cosplayer Nation poster by Sharlene

Inbeon Con 2016 Cosplay Contest Judges

Teresa Huang (Gaius Cosplay), Delta Major & Eric Vitale (Background Cosplay)



We will have cosplay contests where you can win free prizes and do photo shoots. Email your cosplay pic and instagram/FB link to and be featured. Category Awards for:

  • Best in Show
  • Best Male (adult)/Best Female (adult)
  • Best Male (child)/Best Female (child)
  • Best group (up to 5 participants)
  • Best performance
  • Honorable mention

Cosplayers will be judged on their, performance, craftsmanship, and originality.

Cosplay Contest Judges

2015 Inbeon Con Cosplay Contest Winner: Background Cosplay – Eric Vitale

NYCC2014 -Background Cosplay - Ike12108061_1091339440876873_1117411501252597375_nBackground Cosplay is a collaboration between Long Islanders Eric Vitale (Cosplayer/Co-designer) and Natalie Candelaria (Co-designer) that started in July of 2014.  Within a few years since we’ve started, we’ve learned all there is to know about sewing, prop building, and armor making; creating costumes spanning all media.  We were even featured in NYCC’s 2015 Eastern Championships of Cosplay.

Follow us at or on Instagram at @backgroundcosplay.

Delta Major


Delta Major is one of New York’s up and coming Costume Designers. Her strong passion for cosplaying began in 2009 and since then she created 20 + costumes for herself and others. While studying Theatre, Delta developed her skills as a Costume Designer. She has been recognized for her advanced skills in pattern making, hair styling and applying stage and beauty makeup. She has been featured in a video documentary on crossplaying, done hair and makeup for short films and has recently designed her first play at Hunter College. Delta currently has a nerdy fashion line in the works that she looks forward to sharing with you all.

Photo credits:
Autumn Ivy – Jerry Neeko
Mitchiko Malandro – The End of Something Beautiful –
Jafarvey Dent and Harley De Vil – HSL Photography –

Kawaii Headshot – Arisu Photography and Cosplay –

Gaius Cosplay – Teresa Huang


TERESATeresa Huang of Gaius Cosplay, born and raised in NYC, is a cosplayer and college student. She started costuming in high school, producing hundreds of costumes for her school’s annual musicals, and soon began to design things to wear for herself. She went to New York Comic Con for the first time in 2013 and the rest is history.

She loves working with organic materials like leather and silk, and has just started moving onto utilising other materials such as LED lights, Worbla, and foam to perfect her craft. She likes embroidering delicate designs into intricate gowns too, if only because she can binge-watch Netflix while doing it.

Photo Credits:
Loki & Sif: Ron Gejon Photography
Silk: Odinsiris
Margaery Tyrell Wedding Dress: Thronebros
Margaery Tyrell Blue Dress and Nidalee: Sam Liu

Cosplay Photoshoot with Jason Laboy

Get amazing photographs of your cosplay with Inbeon Con’s official Photographer, Jason Laboy!


CALLING OUT ALL COSPLAYERS!! If you are attending Inbeon Con and you would like to book a private shoot, you can do so by picking a time on the chart.

Payment for the shoot is $30.00 per person. Payment is to be made in advance to hold your time slot. You can send the payment via PayPal “”.

jason 2Jason Laboy, a self-taught photographer hailing from The Bronx has quickly become one of the most innovative and most sought after Photographer in the Comic Convention and Cosplay Community. With over 20 years of experience, Jason uses a wide range of skills mixed with his unique style of shooting to capture those perfect little moments that, when combined with his personal touch, turns a basic image into very impactful image.

Jason’s images have not only been featured in Cosplay Culture Magazine but also have graced the covers of many online and paper publications in other genres. Check out his work at

Special Guest: EDWIN HUANG


Edwin Huang is a New York City based comic artist and illustrator who is currently working for UDON Entertainment. He is best known for his work on Street Fighter, Skullkickers, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Website – | Instagram – | Facebook – | Twitter –

Special Guest: John Stanisci


John Stanisci is a professional illustrator for DC, Marvel and IDW Comics having drawn such characters as Spider-Man, Batman, Constantine, Justice League Dark, Judge Dredd, X Files and many more. In 2011, John’s book for DC Comics, Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond, premiered at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels. Currently, John is penciling a two issue arc on Batman: Eternal for DC as well as working on his own creator owned series.Lifedeath .

John is also a Broadway producer and playwright. In 2009, John’s Theater Company, Invictus Theater, brought the play Irena’s Vow to Broadway starring Tovah Feldshuh. Irena’s Vow was co produced by Daryl Roth and Jimmy Nedelander and was the first play in history to be performed at the United Nations. John’s latest play, Jeremiah 5:1 was recently presented to the Broadway community for a one night event. The play starred David Morse, Kathleen Turner, Sarita Choudhary, and Stelio Savante (who is a co producer with John). For further info, you can go to

Special Guests: Aw Yeah Comics – Franco & Chris “G-Man” Giarrusso


Franco is from the great state of New York. He and his forehead have traveled the world and in between he writes and draws stuff and sometimes throws paint around on canvas. He is the creator, artist and writer of Patrick the Wolf Boy and AW YEAH COMICS! He has also worked on titles for various Comic companies including but not limited to the critically acclaimed SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, YOUNG JUSTICE, BILLY BATSON and the MAGIC of SHAZAM, GREEN LANTERN the animated series, itty bitty HELLBOY, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and the New York Times bestseller, multi Eisner award winning series TINY TITANS…Aw Yeah.

Chris Giarrusso is the author and artist behind the G-MAN superhero graphic novel series and THE G-MAN SUPER-JOURNAL diary series for young readers, as well as the creator responsible for the Mini Marvels for Marvel Comics.

Special Guest: Demon Boydemonboy

Welcome to the World Of Demon Boy! The Fastest rising Horror Rock Star in his Genre’. Following in the Likes of Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie comes a performer to help break the mold of mediocrity in a world that shoves pre-fabricated music down our throats.
Demon Boy has successfully gained a strong foothold in the pop subculture of music as well as crossing over into many genre’s of music to prove as an all around marketable act he is one to be taken seriously as a Horror Rock Icon in the New Generation of theatrical performers.
Demon Boy’s ever growing legions of fans around the world have supported and propelled him to be recognized as one of the leading artist in his field.Live shows are the driving force of this band, with a high energy stage show and one of the most charismatic frontmen you will ever witness..Demon Boy has been winning over audiences since their start in 2009. Seasoned musicians,professionalism and one of kind songs that grab your attention from first listen round out this band and make Demon Boy a stand alone act in today’s music Industry. Just come to one Demon Boy show and you’ll be hooked!
© 2016 Demon Boy. All rights reserved.

Fat Guy Inc.


Fat Guy Inc are an creative duo brought together by love of art, comics, alcohol and food. Not necessarily in that order. They’re veterans of the local Con Scene and frequent shoppers at the big and tall shop. They’re well versed in many different fandoms and styles to suit all the needs of their fans and con brethren. Bring them bacon and you’ll have friends for life but padlock your cupboards and guard your fridge cuz Fat Guy Inc is here and they’ll still be hungry!

Ali Solomon


Ali Solomon (Kudoze) is my name and I’m a fun loving and energetic graphic designer and liiustrator based in Guttenberg, NJ. My style is a combo of fanart, cartoons and pop culture portrayed with crisp sharp lines and bold vivid colors. Some of my work can be seen on T-shirts, packaging as well as various other products. My inspiration comes from not only his fellow artists, but by the world around him and always thinking of his next project. Ergo the name of his website ‘Wheels in Motion.’
Much of his work can also be found on as well as instagram.

Melanie Coutavas – Meldoodles


Melanie is a illustrative Fine Artist, working in New York. Her work is inspired by classic silver screen films, pin-up, retro and bohemian esthetics, and the love for the female form.  Melanie works with  stylish imagery, deriving from the love for animated films and cartoons she has grown up with.   ( Instagram, Twitter, YouTube : @meldoodles )

J. M. DeSantis


J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist of fantasy, horror and humour. He is best known as the creator of the medieval Indian fantasy heroine, Chadhiyana, though his short stories and artwork have appeared under many publishers including Heavy Metal Magazine, Static Movement, Innsmouth Free Press and Atlas Unleashed. Notably, he was the cover artist for The Book of Charlie: Spirit of the Pompey Hollow Book Club (Little York Books) and wrote the short story, Diwali, for Steampunk Originals: Volume 1 (Arcana). J. M.’s first graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, began as a web-comic (on in 2013. Less than a year after its launch, it was picked up by Rosarium Publishing. Other than Chadhiyana, he is working on a number of projects, including his weekly blog on his website,, where one can also keep abreast of his latest work and projects.

Samia Fakih


Samia Selene (a.k.a. Samia Fakih) is a recent college graduate of Brooklyn College where she got her BFA in Studio Art. Last spring she showed “The Force in Fluidity” a series on gender fluidity comprised of illustrations and photographs. She has been known by friends and community members alike to tackle feminist issues through some of her work. Her other pieces tend to celebrate popular characters especially the strong females that are becoming more visible today. Additionally, some people know Samia as a cosplayer as well as an artist, as she has been seen wandering many an artist alley as a variety of characters from both Marvel and DC alike.

Sebastian Bonet


Sebastian Bonet is a free lance artist with dreams of running his own publication. Debuting his first comic Dead Planet at Inbeon Con 2016, he is looking to tell stories and bring readers to new worlds. A fan of the anime and manga style, Sebastian is looking to use his style to introduce new diverse characters to the world and network with fellow artist and writers with the same passion.

Instagram: Sebastianbonetart

Joe Cianojoe

Once upon a time, Joe Ciano dreamed of writing comics. So, he wrote comics and here we are. Joe is currently the writer of Tales of Happenstance and the Black Woods. If you’re looking for stories about college werewolves, and monsters and magic, feel free to stop by! He’ll be joined by Tales of Happenstance artist, Sly Krapa, and their creative works can be found here:

John M Flynn

JohnMFI’m a self-taught plush maker who has lived on Long Island in the Islip area all my life. As far as I can remember I always loved plushies. Ever since I took Home Economics in 8th grade and learned how to sew I’ve been hooked. My first plush ever was a Pikachu which I made in celebration of the release of the original Pokemon Red and Blue.

I love to make plushies of video game, anime and cartoon creatures. The Random Onion Plush Pile was founded a few years ago when I finally decided to move my plush-making out from being merely a hobby, where I opened my store on Etsy. Want more examples of my work? Check out my Facebook Page!



Will Falcone


W. Falcone has forayed into the world of writing and has published his first illustrated novel in January 2014. Integrating word and image, his storytelling is interwoven with wildly imagined, meticulously rendered art. In his first book “SE-301 From the ashes…” we are introduced to his wonderful imagination in the world of the Titan Corps. This first book is only the beginning of the author and illustrator’s creative vision.

Danni Fuentes


Danni Fuentes is a New York based Illustrator who has a fascination with the “uncanny valley” phenomenon. She’s an art director for CON TEMPLATE (@contemplateofficial), a NY art/music creative collective. She loves retro consoles, girl power, and deforming characters you love.

You can follow her on IG/Facebook/Twitter at: @DANNIFUENTESART

Justin Fischetto


Justin Fischetto is a New York Based Comic Artist and Illustrator who hasWorked for Inbeon Studios, Pronto Comics & Grayhaven Comics.

Website –
IG/Twitter – @justinfischetto

Kyle Kubik


Kyle Kubik is a human from Earth. He occasionally doodles. Sometimes his doodles become t-shirts. You can buy his doodles to help feed his son Deidrich. God Bless America.

“Creees” Hyunsung Lee


“Creees” Hyunsung Lee is a recent graduate from SVA (School of Visual Arts) with a BFA in Cartooning. He is based in NY and now works as a freelance artist drawing comics and illustrations. His love for comics and superheroes show in his work, and he aims to one day work on some of the major superhero stories. But until then, Creees will continue working hard, challenging himself and reaching new levels.

Hon-Bun Leung


Hon-Bun Leung, or otherwise known as Bun Leung Art is a NYC based freelance artist. Art is a passion handed down and fostered in him by his father who is a professional artist by trade. Bun Leung has worked for sketch card studios Ken Galan Studios, Bad Axe Studios, and Chad pops entertainment to name a few. Bun’s specializes in pin ups and Chibis drawings. Please feel free to follow at or follow on instagram BunLeung_Art.”

Mas Media Studio


Consisting of Jorge (M)edina, Anibal (A)rroyo and Jonathan (S)yphax, MAS Media Studios is an independent media company dealing with the publishing, distribution and development of various cutting edge properties. Founded in July 2007, MAS Media Studio has managed to establish themselves as a creative force in the independent market. The company is halfway completed their flagship title “Street Journal”, which is now offered in Graphic Novel form, (combining the first free issues into one). The debut of the first installment of this 6-issue mini-series is available for sale right now! But there is more of the MAS world than just one form of entertaining story-telling! Other properties are also available through MAS, such as Jorge’s graphic novel “Russ 5377: Project Prototype” and “Lil Steve’s Closet” by Artist/Storyteller extraordinaire, Anibal Arroyo! Additional properties are in the development stages. The future looks promising for these young entrepreneurs. So enter the world of MAS and meet each of these creators and their exciting characters and stories. For future hot, exciting news stay tuned! Visit the store to get your book(s) today.

Kyle Horne


Kyle Horne is a freelance artist base out in Long Island. He graduated with his bachelors in Visual Communications from SUNY college at Old Westbury & continuing to pursue his goals with his 1st children’s book. Art has been a big part of his life, ever since a very young age and he will continue to incorporate that passion into his everyday life. Follow at of Kyle Horne or Instagram @Kylehorneart

Nhan Nguyen


Serving up his own slice of madness from Massachusetts, Nhan Nguyen, AKA “Bulletproofturtleman,” is a mixed artist of the digital and traditional mediums, tackling things on a broad spectrum going from realistic portraits to manga/anime drawings to even digital paintings. His influences also span from a variety of games, 90s cartoons, and a big chunk from anime of the 90s to current day. When he’s not grinding out new illustrations or concepts, he is working on various projects of his own, such as Project Mega, Narcoleptic Ninja, Journey to Blackthorn and Generic Cartoon Comix. His various types of art can be found on deviantart, instagram and tumblr, all under the art handle: Bulletproofturtleman

Ken Knudtsen


Ken Knudtsen is a NY-based writer and artist(Wolverine) and the creator of My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer(SLG Publishing), and has also worked on animation for projects developed by Comedy Central, Robert Reich, and PBS. Feel free to discuss with him the awesomeness of Huey Lewis & the News, Fast Five, and Aquaman at your earliest convenience.

Brian van Kuik

Brian van Kuik is a stained glass artist located in Selden, NY.  After graduating from Michigan State University with a bachelor of science in Physics in 1999, Brian went to work for the Collider-Accelerator Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Over the years Brian has practiced craftsmanship in various mediums; leather, chainmail, scale-mail, thermal plastic, and fabric all passed through his workshop before he discovered the joy of stained glass in 2007.  With encouragement from family, friends, and interested strangers, Brian founded Taomoon’s Workshop in September of 2011 and entered his first art competition just three years later in Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize. Follow Brian’s art on and instagram @taomoonsworkshop.

Brittany Pleasant


Brittany Pleasant is a Crochet artist who regularly delves into all things crafty.   She founded The Artisan’s Nook in February of 2012, and has since been working hard to bring her favorite fictional characters to life.   She has a real interest in 8-bit pixel art, and has designed over 200 popular characters in a cute chibi sprite style.   She has a deep love for her art, and all things cute, geeky & nerdy.  Catch a glimpse into her world at

Derwin Roberson


Derwin Roberson is a Freelance Illustrator living and working in NYC. Over the past 16 years under the pseudonym Blue Hanzo, he has worked on a variety of projects including illustrations for doujinshi, video games, childrens’ books, as well as movie production art.
He can be reached at and

Jamal Jones

Full-time freelancer, part-time product designer, part-time animator, part-time comic artist, and sometime funnyman, Jamal is an illustrator with quite a few hats. He is best known as the author and artist behind the long-running comedy webcomic series, “The Mishaps of Dan”, which has especially earned a following in the fighting game community. Working out of Brooklyn, he is also known for his elaborate painting subjects and colorful illustrations that range from fantasy to storybooks and everything in between. Other works include the script and development for the science fiction series, Specter Skelter, numerous puzzles and games, and the zine “Grey”, which covers the story of Jean Grey’s journey as the Phoenix and onwards. – twitter: @wildmooseking – facebook: – instagram: timbermoosechase – tumblr: wildmoosechase

Drew Gold


Drew Gold is an Illustrator & Graphic Designer. His works have appeared in The New York Times Op Ed and Sunday Book Review, sold to collectors and heavily featured in the Joe Boxer Swim Brand of clothing from 2006-2016. Drew graduated with honors from New York’s School of Visual Arts and has developed a body of commercial and fine art highlighting a unique and expressive style.

Daniel Roman

I’m a freelance artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I’m new to this comic book convention thing, but I’m trying to make it a regular. Comic books, cartoons, movies video games and anime have been a HUGE part of my entire life, and to be a part of that world has always been a dream for me. Even the music I make is inspired by comics.

Chris Roman

A 1st year rookie in the convention art scene Chris Roman is an up & coming artist who was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. His art is heavily influenced by American cartoons from the 1960’s-early 2000’s, American comics, Japanese anime/manga, & video games. He has been working along side his brother Daniel Roman creating their own studio Successfully Failing Studios.

Rich Drezen – Luckyzilla


Rich Drezen is a lifelong Long Islander with a passion for old movies, video games, humor, and cartooning. An animator for over 17 years, he has recently expanded his output to include the weekly Luckyzilla web comic, so as to promote the upcoming animated version of Lucky, currently in the works. Rich’s work can also be seen in the animated web series, “The High School Drama Show”, and in animated promos and web shorts for legendary comic, Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling.

Javier Cruz Winnik


Javier Cruz Winnik is a comic con vet with 8 years of creating custom art for fans. He has worked on sketch cards for the recent Marvel Comics movies for Upper Deck and now is a self published author and illustrator. His graphic novel, “A Reason to Smile!” is about a little girl who is a walking silver lining and will be a series with volume 2 coming out in the weeks to come!

Larry Schick

LarryI’m Larry Schick, retired Art Teacher of 12 years and a Life long Comic book, Action Figure Collector and Artist / Illustrator. I have been drawing Superheroes since I was eight years old. I discovered Comic Books and started drawing ever since. I went to CWPost Long Island University for Fine Art and Graphic Design. I’m Just getting out, trying to find my place as an Illustrator for Inbeon Comics.




Tom Travers


Tom Travers is a Long Island based independent artist. He is the creator of the soon to be legendary hero, Battle Skull!! Come see a preview of Battle Skull’s forthcoming book as well as an exciting variety of other awesome stuff. Aside from Battle Skull, Tom has several children’s books and comic book projects in the works. Instagram @tomtraverspics

Eric Hutchison

Born and raised in New Orleans, Eric Hutchison is an artist, writer and animator that gained his early influences from American comics and Japanese anime. After much success as a computer engineer, he decided to return to his passion and love for the arts. In 2011 he founded the New York based Inbeon Studios, which has become a platform to jump start unique independent productions. He continues to work on his flagship series Crimson Huntress which is available on Comixology and @ArtofHutch