We will have cosplay contests where you can win free prizes and do photo shoots. Email your cosplay pic and instagram/FB link to and be featured.

Category Awards for:
  • Best in Show
  • Best Male (adult)/Best Female (adult)
  • Best Male (child)/Best Female (child)
  • Best group (up to 5 participants)
  • Best performance
  • Honorable mention

Cosplayers will be judged on their, performance, craftsmanship, and originality.

2015 Summer Edition Cosplay Contest Judges

jessicaJessica Un Peligro

 2014 InbeonCon Cosplay Contest Winner 

Jessica Un Peligro is a new and upcoming cosplay creator. She has been into costumes at a very young age and discovered the world of cosplay a few years ago and decided to pursue her passions of becoming part of the cosplay phenomenon by featuring some of her creations throughout the years.

From what started as a love for Halloween has now become an art for events featuring cosplay. She entered her first cosplay contest in 2014 and won on different occasions. She then has had the pleasure of being in cosplay Culture Magazine, meeting some great people and her cosplay idols.


glenGlen Corral

Glen Corral is best known for his work as Multiple Johnny Depp Characters or Mashed-up Johnny Depp Characters at NYCC.

He was featured at several websites around the world from Russia to Thailand, to Poland, to UK, to the Philippines and of course the U.S. His picture was shared all over the interweb including, etc.

He was featured in the Premiere issue of Cosplay Culture Magazine and won several costume contests. He is a science teacher by profession and uses Science to create costumes.



adianaAdaina Velez

Model and Cosplayer Adaina Velez is quickly becoming a known name in cosplay specifically for her out of the box cosplays. Adaina has created phenomenal and detailed costumes variations of some of her favorite characters in comics and video games and is known for cosplaying more than one character in a single day. Her cosplays include Harley Quinn Warfare, Wonder Woman, Ada Wong of Resident Evil 6, Cassandra Cain Batgirl from a redesigned art piece by Artist Thomas Branch, Frankie (Angelina Jolie’s character from Sky Captain of the World of Tomorrow) as well as her original redesign of a gender bend Joker and a Wonder Woman pirate crossover. Recently Adaina has been working on her charitable organization HEROES where she helps ill children by frequently visiting them in and out of cosplay, making them an original cosplay costume and taking them to Comic Conventions with all expenses paid for an entire year.

Adaina has won awards at multiple cosplay contests for her costumes and has been featured in several global online publications, radio shows, podcasts, panels as well as landing a full page on Cosplay Culture Magazine’s second issue.



Panel #1 – 11:30pm-12:00pm – The Characterization of Cosplay Characters:

Description: Tip and trick on how to get into character. Workshop portion where people can act out characters traits, followed by a Q&A.

Taylor Brandon – TMoney Cosplay
Kassandra Maldonado – Kassandra Cosplayer
Michael Mulligan – Captain Cosplay

Featured Panel Guests:

Plas HeadshotT Money is a New York City based cosplayer, actor, and dancer. He was featured in the Men of Comicbook Cosplay 2014 calendar as Plastic Man, which is one of his well known characters, along with Loki. T Money believes in giving his cosplay characters life to have a fuller experience for himself and everyone else. He has only been in the cosplay world a few short years, but is gradually expanding his repertoire and skills and always ensures that fun is the #1 quality of cosplay. You can follow him on Twitter & Instagram @tmoney1138, and on Facebook as T Money Cosplay


IMG_6444Kassandra Cosplayer has been cosplaying for five years. She has been to many conventions such as NYCC, AnimeNext and Conneticon. It all started with cosplaying her favorite characters to now interviewing her favorite characters. She works with companies to help bring characters to life. So come join the panel to learn how to embody a character threw cosplay!



Mike_MulliganA New York City based designer, Michael Mulligan was recently voted one of the top male cosplayers in the world. An actor, voice over artist, and designer; he feels cosplay is a perfect combination of creativity and imagination. Originally based in Los Angeles, his clients include Disney, Universal, Marvel, Julie Taymor, The Actors Studio, A-list celebrities, charities, and his daughter (the best client ever). Follow him on Instagram @captaincosplay to see more!


Panel#2 – 12:00pm-12:30pm – Cosplay Photography 101:

The photographer’s guide to breaking the ice in cosplay photography. Interact with professional cosplay photographers Jaycee, Eli, Ed and special guest Professional Cosplayer Adaina on the fundamental of cosplay photography. Have a conversation covering etiquette, technical, and post production, answering questions most photographers have. Lights… Camera… Cosplay!!

Jaycee – Learn from this talented individual known as the “cosplay dad” about cosplay etiquette.  Managing two groups of cosplay girls, this photographer will teach you the proper ways of approaching cosplayers respectfully. Cosplay is Not consent.

Adaina – known as  “cosplay Mom” to many, will expand on Cosplay is not Consent. Learn how to get out of an uncomfortable situation with a photographer, fan or fellow cosplayer.  Adaina will also be covering on tips and tricks on how to pose in front of the camera.

Ed– Learn the rules and regulations on what equipment are allowed at conventions. Gain tips on how to work around restrictions the proper way to ensure a great lit photo.

Eli – See results on different post production styles that will make your image pop. learn about the programs that all photographers in the industry uses.

End the the segment with the biggest question answered…… Where do i post my awesomely edited photos? Learn about the tools you can use to get your photo out there.

Featured Panel Guest:

IMG_6342Jaycee Estrella – Jaycee Estrella is a cosplay photographer hailing from the Bronx. Known as the Cosplay Dad, he has covered domestic and international conventions including New York Comic Con since 2006 and his photos have been featured on magazines and websites, most recently Capcom’s official Facebook. He is the manager of The Cosbaes and The B.O.C, two talented all female cosplay groups who have been featured regularly on online articlesand video interviews. He is known for his overwhelming support of the cosplay community and his plethora of comic book knowledge which he utilizes to pose cosplayers in positions that make their image inspirational and true to their source material.

FB_IMG_1436993869850Eli Sanabria – After 11 years in video production with various programing, school and sponsorships, Eli Sanabria bought his first DSRL at the age of 23, fell in love with capturing a moment rather than a scene. His first year this ambitious individual learned photography by trial & error, online and professionals photographers. His second year he ventured to nightlife photography covering clubs, lounges and restaurants all throughout new york city.

During his second year he captured his first cosplay shoot. In love with bringing fictional characters to life, he continued until he was picked up by A.R.K. sponsorship a few months into his new cosplay photography career. They sponsored him at New York Comic-Con and had a booth space. After NYCC his work gained the attention of cosplayers because of his editing style. He was joined a new sponsorship venture after Katsucon and a new chapter began. Within 9 months of his cosplay career, he would to have been to 11 conventions throughout the United States.

IMG_1113Julia Damato – Being a seasoned con goer of 8 years, Julia just recently decided to experience a different side of conventions by picking a up a camera and shooting cosplayers instead of cosplaying herself! (Although she still loves cosplaying). Having majored in Broadcasting / Graphic Design, she’s always has had a love for any form of art which is what drew her to conventions in the first place. She is part of the photography team Aurora Artz based in Manhattan as a photographer, videographer and even sometimes model. Having such a creative mind and love for photoshop, she prefers a more drastic and exaggerated look in her work as to create something that you wouldn’t be able to see everyday or as if it was “out of a movie”. Being a cosplayer for years has given her a sense of how to act in front of a camera to help pose the subjects she shoots. With a goofy smile, camera in hand, and costume on she’s ready to add more and more cons to her annual line up and shoot all the fantastic and beautiful people that make up the ever so growing cosplay community which she loves immensely.

IMG_4131Ed Yeung is an upcoming cosplay photographer. He developed interest in photography a few years ago when he was playing with his friends’ DSLR and instantly felt in love with it. Ed’s camera was just collecting dust and being rarely used at all, so one day he decided to take his camera to New York Comic Con a few years ago.