InbeonCon 2018 Cosplay Contest Judges

Kristen Corradeno

Edward Fotography

Shut Up Kristen is a Long Island based content creator and cosplayer who has been obsessed with cosplay since she first tried it in 2012 (if you don’t count all of those years she went to the Harry Potter book and movie premieres dressed as Hermione, of course.) She loves to cosplay everything from Lady Mipha from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to a warrior version of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. When she isn’t glued to her sewing machine, you can find her making sketch comedy videos for her YouTube channel, hosting the podcast XoXo: A Gossip Girl Podcast, or alongside Tom Catt Con Mom hosting the weekly cosplay live show Catt & Kristen. Kristen is also lucky enough to be the official Sailor Mars for the cosplay group Moon Menagerie! She believes the cosplay community is one that the rest of the world could use to learn from, an atmosphere of inclusion, love, and support and can’t wait to continue attending conventions and watch the community grow. She is also a Ravenclaw, which she finds very important for you to know.

Animated Lola

Photo by Brian Ngai

Animated Lola is a local NYC Afro-Latina cosplayer who has been bringing cosplays to life since 2013. Some of her more recognized cosplays are Lady Loki, America Chavez, Menat, Shuri, Trunks and Wonder Woman. She is a proud page rep for the “CosplayOfColor” IG account and is a vocal ambassador for increasing diversity and representation in the community. As she continues to grow in her skill set and interests, she hopes to travel to new comic and gaming conventions and continue to champion for diversity in the community.

Tom Catt

Photo by Ricardo Toombs

A cosplayer who only needs little introduction. The infamous Tom Catt presents themself as many things in the cosplay community; A fairy conmother, crossplayer, genderbender, and pal/confidant. They do what it takes to make sure this community is welcoming to all kinds. The self proclaimed mother of all cosplayers is just that a kind, nurturing, loving mother who pulls no punches, and loves everyone wholeheartedly. As a cosplayer they've been at the game for approximately 6-7 years and continues to grow not only as a costume designer, but as an ambassador for a better more welcoming cosplay community. They're also a featured model of Big Beautiful Cosplayers and loves rocking their curves and swerves. They've cosplayed as a number of fabulous characters most notably; Ursula, Catwoman, and Bea Arthur. They are a pillar in this community and commands with a fabulously larger than life presence and is loved by least that's what they'll tell you.

InbeonCon Cosplay Classes Available! -- Cosplay Contest @ 4PM

We not only want you to show off your creative talents and learn from some of the top local cosplayers on how to up your game! Master the craft of cosplay design. Learn working with materials like Worbla along with finishing, painting, modding and LED techniques.

Jeremy Snipe

Photo by Kim Photos

INBEON CON 2018 MC: Jeremy Snipe

My name is Jeremy the most people know me as Tacodactyl or taco for short and I'm one half of Taco Roman and Friends (TRNF) I've been cosplaying for I want to say at least 5 years now kind of lost count it's something I enjoy doing just like many others. the archer photo credit goes to Kim photos and the kid flash one i took.

Inbeon Con Cosplay Wall of Fame

Dark Inked Cosplay

Photo- Douglas Shaune Photography

Inbeon Con 2017 Judge

Fairwind Cosplay

Photo by Douglas Shaune Photography

Inbeon Con 2017 Judge

Cafe Grim Cosplay

Photo by Cafe Grimm

Inbeon Con 2016 Winner / 2017 Judge

Eric Vitale

Photo by Jaycee Estrella Photography

Inbeon Con 2015 (Winter) Winner

Joanna Mari Cosplay

Photo by Anna Cosplay Photography

Inbeon Con 2015 (Summer) Winner

Jess Un Peligro

Photographer was Andrew Boyle

Inbeon Con 2014 Winner

Featured Cosplayers

Check out these amazing cosplayers that you can meet at Inbeon Con!

Rizuki Cosplay

Photo by @jmw_photography_59

Delta Major

Photo by Carlos A Smith

Gaius Cosplay

Photo by U.V. Photography

Crazy Cosplay

Photo by Grace and Shine Photo

Lively Cosplay

Photo by JMW Photography

Starlot Cosplay

Photo by Alchetworxphoto

Juanita Raus

Photographer Spufflez

RoseMaiden Cosplay

Photo by John F. Sheehan

Izzy Saeko

Photo by Kim Photos

Crimson Alice Cosplay

Photo by CAC

Aurelian Cosplay

Douglas Shaune Photography

Lily Archer

Photo by Michael Large Photography

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All costumes MUST BE family friendly and appropriate for all ages. We are a prop friendly show but NO functional props or weapons are allowed at Inbeon Con. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume:

  • All costume props and weapons must conform to state and federal law.
  • Projectile costume props and weapons must be rendered inoperable.
  • No realistic guns (even with orange tips).
  • Costume swords or bladed weapons must be soft with rounded edges.
  • Foam and paper mâché weapons are acceptable.
If you do not want to have your costume props inspected at registration, or are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume props to Inbeon Con. You can be asked to leave Inbeon Con without refund if you are found not in compliance while at the show. All costume props and weapons must be inspected at registration. We ask that everyone use good judgment in the engagement and use of any prop.