InbeonCon Cosplay Classes Available! -- Cosplay Contest @ 4PM

We not only want you to show off your talents but also learn from some of the top local cosplayers on how to up your game! Master the craft of cosplay design. Learn working with materials like Worbla along with finishing, painting, modding and LED techniques.

InbeonCon 2018 Cosplay Contest Judges TBA

Cafe Grim Cosplay

Inbeon Con 2016 Winner

I create and cosplay, even dable in photography here and there. I would say im fairly good at construction...or at least I can fake it anyways xD. I would love to expand my skills and to learn how to make better props and armor. I am starting to test my skill at photography, just need to start learning better photoshop skills, but for now its fun ovo. I have made so many amazing friends through cosplay and crafting ♥ I cant wait for more experiences with all of them and the new friends that may join me along the way. I try to go to as many cons through out the year but usually i can only make it to 4 at most. Typically its Katsucon, AnimeNext, Zenkaicon, and cpac. I go to meet ups when I can in the NYC area.

Fairwind Cosplay

Photo by Douglas Shaune Photography

Fairwind Cosplay is a Long Island, NY-based cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2008. She is a professional musical theatre artist and princess performer, and she moonlights as a high school English teacher when she is not onstage. Her favorite thing about cosplay is the “play," since she loves bringing her theatrical flair to conventions and making her favorite characters come to life. Previously, she has been a cosplay guest of honor and costume contest judge at Immortal Con 2016; acts as one of the page models for The Fan's P.O.V.; and represented the grand opening of the ThinkGeek Lake Grove store as one of their promotional cosplay models. She is delighted to join many other talented cosplayers at Inbeon Con 2017.

Dark Inked Cosplay

Photo- Douglas Shaune Photography

Dark Inked Cosplay is a cosplayer by the name of Bryan hailing from  NYC, he discovered cosplay in 2012 and has been cosplaying since then. He is an artist/illustrator day and night when he's not in cosplay. Being able to adapt to different techniques and skills Bryan has gone to compete in 2016 C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay as "Angemon" from Digimon. He participated at "2016 Undiscovered Con" as judge in the cosplay contest. "What I love about cosplay is the amount of creative freedom you have to express yourself", He's honored to join Inbeon's costume contest and looking forward to seeing the creativity of other cosplayers.

Cosplay Wall of Fame

Check out these amazing cosplayers that you can meet at Inbeon Con!

Eric Vitale

Photo by Jaycee Estrella Photography

Inbeon Con 2015 (Winter) Winner

Joanna Mari Cosplay

Photo by Anna Cosplay Photography

Inbeon Con 2015 (Summer) Winner

Jess Un Peligro

Photographer was Andrew Boyle

Inbeon Con 2014 Winner

Delta Major

Photo by Carlos A Smith

Allison Hill

Photo by Jason Laboy

Gaius Cosplay

Photo by U.V. Photography

Ken Langsdorf

Photo by Jason Laboy

Dhareza Cosplayza

Photo by Eli Sanabria

Brandy Babcock

Photo by GoShawn Cosplay


Photo by Kassi Morgan

Juanita Raus

Photographer Spufflez

RoseMaiden Cosplay

Photo by John F. Sheehan

Revlis Cosplay

Photo by FMA Photostudio

Rizuki Cosplay

Photo by @jmw_photography_59

Arrow Star Cosplay

Aurelian Cosplay

Douglas Shaune Photography

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All costumes MUST BE family friendly and appropriate for all ages. We are a prop friendly show but NO functional props or weapons are allowed at Inbeon Con. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume:

  • All costume props and weapons must conform to state and federal law.
  • Projectile costume props and weapons must be rendered inoperable.
  • No realistic guns (even with orange tips).
  • Costume swords or bladed weapons must be soft with rounded edges.
  • Foam and paper mâché weapons are acceptable.
If you do not want to have your costume props inspected at registration, or are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume props to Inbeon Con. You can be asked to leave Inbeon Con without refund if you are found not in compliance while at the show. All costume props and weapons must be inspected at registration. We ask that everyone use good judgment in the engagement and use of any prop.